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Ramidus AB

Custom Synthesis of Fine Chemicals
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Ramidus AB is an independent chemical research company located at the Ideon Science and Technology Park in Lund, Sweden. We have served fellow scientists in the field of chemical science for twenty five years through:

  • synthesis of noncommercial organic fine chemicals
  • preparation of drugs, intermediates and metabolites for pharmacy and pharmacology
  • synthesis of catalysts, polymers, crown ethers, dendrimers and compounds related to natural products, and
  • organic electrochemistry and electrochemical synthesis

We can also offer:

  • assistance and support for new ideas and developments in chemistry
  • evaluation of chemical concepts
  • process design, optimization and development
  • literature research and evaluation
  • chemical analysis
  • chemicals from our surplus stock

Don't hesitate to contact us with your inquires or for preliminary discussions.

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Ramidus AB
Ideon Research Park, SE-223 70 Lund, Sweden
Phone +46 46-286 2850, Fax +46 46-286 2851, info@ramidus.se
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